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Encouraging figures during classification on CRV test farm Nooijen

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The recent classification on the Nooijen CRV test farm in coevorden yielded some impressive results by the latest generation of heifers. But a slightly more mature lady who once supplied embryos for the CRV breeding programme also faced the critical scrutiny of the classifier again. The cow in question, Delta Ralon – who is on her fifth calf – boosted her excellent score to 91 points.

The heifers classified at the CRV test farms are not only early daughters of young CRV bulls, they often also descend from cow families who are currently supplying bulls and donors. Following a …

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Breeding for longevity to maximise protein from your own grassland  

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The goal of dairy farmer Mark Sluis is efficient utilisation of his own grassland. His breeding strategy also plays a significant role. By selecting breeding bulls with a high score for longevity, he aims to increase the lifetime production of his herd. This approach reduces the amount of feed he needs to raise young stock.

Mark Sluis effortlessly sums up some figures from the Recycling Indicator – an administrative tool for mineral use – for 2019. ‘Last year, 85% of the protein for our cows was sourced from our own meadows and we fed 24 kilos of concentrates per 100 kilos of…

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CRV’S HerdOptimizer wins Dairy Herd Management’s 2016 Innovation Award

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(Madison, Wisconsin.) — CRV is honored to have won the prestigious 2016 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. CRV was recognized for the company’s recent development of HerdOptimizer, a revolutionary genetic management program, at Dairy Herd Management’s customer appreciation reception on October 4.

Finalists were chosen by a panel of dairy farmers, agribusiness representatives and university experts who cast their votes on whether the product is game changing for dairy producers in the areas of efficiency, functionality and tec…

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Tackle ketosis at the source

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It is probably a familiar situation: the cow that always produces a lot of milk is under the weather at the start of the lactation period. Her milk production is down, she has a poor appetite and looks lethargic. All the alarm bells ring. Are these symptoms a sign of ketosis?

Prevention is better than cure is a saying that certainly applies to ketosis. Providing an optimal feed ration can prevent a great deal of trouble, but even so some cows are more susceptible than others. As the condition is hereditary, you may have certain cow families that are more prone to ketosis. In ad…

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Progeny and demo groups in the spotlights

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Seven progeny groups and three demo groups were presented to the public at the CRV event ‘A Herd to Your Heart’ in Zwolle on 11 June.  

Delta Alonso: protein-rich health
Although Delta Alonso has not yet received his breeding value, the progeny group of this Atlantic son made quite an impression at the CRV event. Alonso presented a highly uniform, still young and very appealing group of heifers. These cows are not too big and possess a striking level of balance as well as a strong upper build. Their mid-sections are somewhat closed and their rump is nicely sloped. Alonso’s l…

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