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Poor daughter fertility one of the major culling reasons

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Improving fertility will therefore shorten the calving interval, increase the lifetime of a cow, lower insemination efforts and reduce veterinary treatments. Since 2010, the calving interval of cows in the Netherlands has been reduced by 10 days to 407 . Fertility is one of the building blocks of CRV Health.

Fertile cows show their heat on time and get pregnant quickly and easily. Good daughter fertility is essential for the continuity of the herd and the farm income.

Results daughter fertility (index) 104 108 112
Shorter calving interval days 6.7 days 13.4 days 20.1 days
Better non-return% +2.9% +5.7% +8.6%
Gain* / 100 cows / year € 770.- € 1,541.- € 2,311.-

* Calculation is based on € 1.15 per day Calving interval days


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