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CRV welcomes two new test farms

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About one month ago, two new farms has become a CRV test farm. It are the farms of Arjan and Saskia van Erp (Midwolda) and family Van Berkum (Elahuizen). CRV has now 9 test farms in total. 
On the CRV test farms the Delta heifers show CRV’s breeding program in practice. Due to the new phosphate regulations in the Netherlands it was more difficult for CRV to place 130 test heifers per year at the current test farms. ‘Therefore we searched for new test farms’, says Pieter van Goor, breeding specialist of CRV. He is also involvend in the selection of new test farms.

Good manage…

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Progeny and demo groups in the spotlights

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Seven progeny groups and three demo groups were presented to the public at the CRV event ‘A Herd to Your Heart’ in Zwolle on 11 June.  

Delta Alonso: protein-rich health
Although Delta Alonso has not yet received his breeding value, the progeny group of this Atlantic son made quite an impression at the CRV event. Alonso presented a highly uniform, still young and very appealing group of heifers. These cows are not too big and possess a striking level of balance as well as a strong upper build. Their mid-sections are somewhat closed and their rump is nicely sloped. Alonso’s l…

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