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Figures confirmed: Dutch cows produce more milk and becoming older and healthier

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For years, the Netherlands has ranked among the best in class in terms of milk production per cow. Last year, a record for lifetime production was reached averaging 34,000 litres. Our recently published annual statistics reveal that higher production does not compromise the length of a cow’s life. The milk production of cows has increased in recent years while the animals have also reached a higher age.


For example, the annual statistics of Coöperatie CRV show that the longevity of Dutch herdbook cows increased by 2.5 months in the last financial year. Compared to …

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Breeding for longevity to maximise protein from your own grassland  

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The goal of dairy farmer Mark Sluis is efficient utilisation of his own grassland. His breeding strategy also plays a significant role. By selecting breeding bulls with a high score for longevity, he aims to increase the lifetime production of his herd. This approach reduces the amount of feed he needs to raise young stock.

Mark Sluis effortlessly sums up some figures from the Recycling Indicator – an administrative tool for mineral use – for 2019. ‘Last year, 85% of the protein for our cows was sourced from our own meadows and we fed 24 kilos of concentrates per 100 kilos of…

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