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Rocky progeny group NRM

Bouw Rocky is showing his daughters at the NRM 2019

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CRV is showing a progreny group of Bouw Rocky consisting of heifers, second calvers and third calvers. Bouw Rocky is currently the highest scoring daughter-proven bull for longevity. His daughters are also very late maturing and healthy, so they can easily handle their productions and produce very efficiently. Bouw Rocky comes from the same cow family as Finder.

Bastiaan Vernooij and Ben Knoef selected the group of Rocky daughters. ‘They get better with every lactation,’ says Ben, who is enthusiastic about the mixed group of first, second and third calvers for exactly this re…

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Progeny group by Bouw Finder at the NRM

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Bouw Finder made his first appearance in the list of daughter-proven bulls with daughters, when his first daughters had just started producing milk. Finder scores extremely well for health traits and as his daughters mature late and produce with absolute ease, they are expected to have long, productive lives. In addition, Finder transmits above average components. These qualities make Finder a flagship for the mission of CRV; breeding healthy and efficient cows.

With Bouw Finder in its portfolio, CRV offers a bull who is attracting keen levels of international interest. This …

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Fun P

Delta Fun P progeny group at the NRM

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At the NRM we will be showing a group of second calf cows and heifers by red-and-white bull Delta Fun P. Fun P daughters are highly productive and cope easily with high milk production, which makes them extremely efficient. Fun P is currently the highest ranked NVI proven red-and-white bull available. We have shown progeny groups by Fun P before, including at the HHH show held last December.

Typical for bulls in the show conformation category are the proven show families with a ‘gilt-edged pedigree’. In this special range, they are guaranteed to pass on stylish frames and imp…

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